University of Oregon

College of Design

Receiving a Scholarship or Financial Assistance Award


You have been selected by a faculty-based committee to receive a scholarship or financial assistance award in the UO's School of Architecture & Allied Arts.  With just a few exceptions, all such awards in A&AA are made possible by alumni and friends of the school who have given their resources to support your academic, and ultimately professional, goals.  Of the approximately 2,000 students served in A&AA, you are now in the 10 - 15% who are privileged to be scholarship or award recipients. 

Now what?

In order of completion, these are the steps you need to take to accept and receive these funds:

1.  Get in touch with the UO Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships. Students who have financial aid packages in place are required to speak with a Financial Aid counselor about any additional monies they will receive. Depending on each student's situation, additional monies may impact the existing package. Counselors will help students through this process, but it is the student's responsibility to make that initial contact. Get in touch with a Financial Aid counselor by visiting the office at 260 Oregon Hall; by calling 541-346-3221 or 800-760-6953; or by emailing a detailed question from their home page at If the funding is for a specific purpose such as travel, tell the counselor; they will not know details about the award's purpose unless you tell them, and that can make a big difference that helps you!

2.  If you are unable to accept the funds or need to make any adjustments to the timing of the distribution, get in touch right away with the staff in the department or program that has awarded the scholarship to you. Do this as soon as possible! If you accept the funds and do not need to make any adjustments, then you can skip this step.

3.  Know about the scholarship or award you are receiving! Your packet will include background about the fund and who made it possible. That somebody has invested in your education deserves your time and attention.

4.  Write a thank-you card or letter. A blank card is included in your packet, but you are welcomed and encouraged to use stationery of your own that reflects you as an individual. Be thoughtful and sincere when you write this note, as though the person(s) is standing in front of you, and say what it means to you and your goals to receive this assistance. If you are handwriting, make it legible, even for aging eyes.

5.  Complete the Scholarship/Award Recipient Questionnaire. This is a critical step! The information will be used for internal records in A&AA; to file the paperwork that distributes the funding to you; and to summarize some of the background you supply and share with the donor(s) of the fund you receive. You must complete this step in order to receive the associated funding.


How long does it take before I receive the scholarship or award?

If the scholarship or award is for an upcoming quarter, then the funds will be distributed to your student account the week prior to the quarter starting.  If the funds are for the quarter that you currently are in, then distribution to your student account takes approximately 10 days.  

What if after 10 days I still don't see the funds in my student account?

If no funds appear after 10 business days, then get in touch the staff in the department or program that has awarded the scholarship to you.  There are various reasons why funding is sometimes delayed, and these typically are easily resolved once you make that contact.

What if I'm studying abroad when my packet is mailed out and I can't get materials turned in by the 10-day deadline?

The deadline can be adjusted for you if you let the school's Office of Development know, but you must make that contact.