University of Oregon
School of Architecture and Allied Arts

Museum Studies Certificate

The Museum Studies Graduate Certificate addresses the demand for professionally trained museum personnel and provides University of Oregon graduate students with an invaluable credential for the job market. It is a masters-level, multidisciplinary course of study sponsored by the Arts and Administration Program, the Department of Architecture, the Department of the History of Art and Architecture, the Department of Anthropology and campus museum professionals.

Any student officially enrolled in a University of Oregon graduate program may apply to pursue the Certificate. Students in the sponsoring departments, having been pre-screened by sponsoring units, may directly enroll in the certificate program upon submission of the materials listed in the Application section, below.

The program requires 28 credit hours, including a 200-hour (6 credit) internship. Up to 12 relevant credits may be applied from courses being taken for a UO graduate degree. When all requirements are completed and certificate graduation has been requested through the School of Graduate Studies, students are awarded the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate by the School of Architecture and Allied Arts.

For more general information about pursuing a graduate certificate at the University of Oregon, including important policies, procedures, and deadlines, please visit the Graduate School webpage on certificate completion.



Students from sponsoring units will ask their home department advisors to advise them in the pursuit of the Museum Studies Graduate Certificate. Students from other departments will be assigned a Museum Studies Certificate advisor from the Arts & Administration Program.

Required Courses (17 or 18 credits)

Museum Theory course (e.g., Cultural Museum)

Museum Education (4 credits)

Nonprofit Management course (e.g., Cultural Administration)

Internship (200 hours, 6 credits)

A 200-hour internship, in a museum, is mandatory. The six academic credits required may include pre- and post-internship courses. Students from departments that do not offer one will consult with their Museum Studies advisor to arrange a satisfactory internship. Following the internship, using a format and venue arranged with their advisor, students must make a public presentation on their professional learning.

Electives (10 or 11 credits)

In consultation with their advisor and the Museum Studies Certificate Coordinator, students can choose from a wide variety of electives that will enhance their knowledge of the museum field. Some relevant courses recently offered include: The Cultural Museum; Museum Architecture; The History Museum; Museum & Gallery Marketing; Planning Interpretive Exhibits; Interpretive Exhibits Studio; Museum Ethics; and Art Law.


With confirmation of enrollment in the certificate, students are sent a program checklist. Upon completion of the requirements, and before leaving their degree program, certificate students must submit a completed copy of the checklist to the Coordinator. Once a notice of completion is submitted to graduate studies by Arts & Administration, students submit their request to graduate through the School of Graduate Studies online forms.


Applications for the certificate program are accepted until the beginning of the second-last term of a graduate degree. To apply, please submit hard copies of the following materials to the Arts & Administration Program Office,  254 Lawrence Hall:

1. A one-page statement of purpose including your relevant experience and interest in completing the Museum Studies Certificate.
2. A statement of support from your academic advisor.
3. Copies of current transcripts (unofficial are acceptable).
4. Two letters of recommendation. For first-year students, letters from your degree program application package may be reused.

In addition to the application materials listed above, students must complete and submit a Graduate Certificate Declaration Form to the UO Graduate School within one term of being admitted to the certificate program.

Further information

For academic inquiries and information on making an application, please contact Tina Rinaldi at or (541) 346-3989.

For general information about pursuing a graduate certificate at the University of Oregon, including important policies, procedures, and deadlines, please visit the Graduate School webpage on certificate completion.

Prospective students from sponsoring units should consult with their departmental certificate advisors:

Architecture: Virginia Cartwright
History of Art and Architecture: Akiko Walley
Anthropology: Daphne Gallagher
Art Administration: Tina Rinaldi