University of Oregon

College of Design

Dean's Advancement Council

Originally established in 1987 as the Board of Visitors, the Dean's Advancement Council is the premiere volunteer organization for the school. The Council consists of prominent alumni and professionals who have an interest in and passion for the success of the school and its academic and research mission. Members represent geographic locations throughout the United States and internationally. Appointments to the approximately 20-member body are generally for a three-year term and can be renewed for a second term.

Members are convened twice per year: in the fall in Eugene at the UO campus, and in the spring in Portland. Although each meeting is centered around specific current issues or challenges, Council members also consider school business, discuss development and outreach activities, and devise strategies for strengthening the school in which they often actively participate to implement. Members are asked to provide broad perspectives for the school as well as to take a special interest in a specific department or program area. The Council also provides input and advice directly to the Dean, both as the larger membership and in the context of focused work groups. Additionally, Council members are encouraged to provide support and networking for the school’s administration and faculty members as well as engage in mentoring and career advising with students.