University of Oregon

College of Design

Mission Statement

The College of Design (formerly the School of Architecture and Allied Arts) is dedicated to advancing the understanding, value, and quality of visual culture and the built, natural, and social environments through excellent and distinctive teaching, research, and creative endeavors. Grounded in a unique multi-disciplinary structure, the College of Design is a diverse, collegial learning community of students, faculty and staff members. We seek to enhance the lives of individuals and communities through endeavors that stem from intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and broad inquiry, rooted in the inter-relatedness of theory, history, and practice.

In support of this mission, the College of Design affirms the following values.

Supporting and celebrating a culture that promotes rigor, encourages risk-taking, and challenges standards in creating, composing, and presenting ideas.

Open Discourse
Fostering the open exchange and critique of ideas in an environment that welcomes a diversity of views.

Actively encouraging the presence and participation in the school of individuals with differing backgrounds, experience, and world-views.

Working together in shared efforts to teach, learn, understand, and create.

Inter-Disciplinary Experience
Engaging multiple disciplines to expand our perspectives and enrich our teaching, research, and creative practice.

Recognizing our accountability for the impact of our actions on environmental, social, and cultural systems.

Adopted by Faculty, 22 May 2003

UO Mission Statement