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Product design major wins Spring Storm Dean’s Award

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Departments of Art and Product Design have named product design undergraduate Jerimiah Robey winner of the 2017 Spring Storm Dean’s Award.

Jurors Award winners were Han Cao (art), Josie Christensen (art and technology), Michelle Ferguson (art), Luna Sansone (art), and Will Hart (art).

The one-night-only Spring Storm exhibition annually showcases work by graduating seniors in all media areas of art and product design. The exhibition took place June 2 in Lawrence Hall.

YES, HARDER, 2017, by Jerimiah Robey
Above: YES, HARDER, 2017, by Jerimiah Robey. Porcelain, latex paint, spray paint.

The winning works are included in A&AA’s End-of-Year Exhibition in Lawrence Hall first-floor exhibit spaces now through Monday, June 19. Robey’s work is installed outside the Dean’s office, Christensen’s is displayed on the plasma screen near the Dean’s Office, Ferguson’s hangs across from Room 177, and the others are in the Hayden Gallery. The annual Spring Storm catalog also details the winners.

 “Winning the Dean’s Award for Spring Storm has been an extremely humbling and validating experience,” Robey said. “All of the feedback I have received outside of that has been extremely kind and constructive. Thanks to the award and the work I’ve been producing, I feel a lot of positive momentum that I plan to utilize when starting my BFA next year.”

The jury award winners will be acknowledged with a small gift from the department. The Dean’s award includes a $300 stipend.

“Congratulations to all our amazing students, faculty and staff who helped to make this a truly great Spring Storm exhibition,” said Carla Bengtson, head and Ann Swindells Chair in the Department of Art.

Work by Han Cao
Above: I'm a shy boy too, 2017, by Han Cao. Oil on canvas, 48"x48".


Three stills from Josie Christensen’s video, Through the Motions, 2017.
Above: Three stills from Josie Christensen’s video, Through the Motions, 2017.


Texas Picnic II, 2017, by Michelle Ferguson
Above: Texas Picnic II, 2017, by Michelle Ferguson. House paint and oil paint on canvas, 5 X 8 feet.


Nectar, Decanted, 2017, by Luna Sansone
Above: Nectar, Decanted, 2017, by Luna Sansone. Ceramic, steel, honey, chain, time, 7 X 4 X 4 feet.


Even the Dog Grows Up, 2017, by Will Hart
Above: Even the Dog Grows Up, 2017, by Will Hart. Wood, steel, paint, ink, color transparency, garden hose, rug gripper, 40 pounds of dog food, 144cm high.


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