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Albers exhibit debuts rare work and innovative panel system

A recent exhibit in the Wallace and Grace Hayden Gallery was notable not just for the artwork itself—folio pages from a rare design book by color master Josef Albers—but also for the framework that displayed the art. Architecture Pro Tem Instructor Landry Smith designed the innovative panel system, which is also intended for staging future art exhibits in Lawrence Hall’s Hayden Gallery as well as elsewhere on campus and beyond.

framework under construction


UN invites Architecture professor to help shape 'rights of nature'

Architecture’s Erin Moore is on a global team of 12 in art, media, design, and architecture.

Erin Moore


Feast invites diners to take home place setting, chair

Product design students host a dinner with custom tableware, textiles, chairs that patrons can keep.

student works on ceramicware


Students engage communities and beautify neighborhoods

PPPM students work with city officials and community members to effect change.

students prepare paints


Lenscratch features Warpinski’s photo project commemorating border deaths

The preeminent photography blog Lenscratch featured photos and text by A&AA Professor of art Terri Warpinski in a November 25 post.