University of Oregon

School of Architecture and Allied Arts

Setting Up Printer - Windows Vista

Note: These instructions are for setting up printers to use A&AA laser printers. Poster printing using A&AA Output Room's large-format printers do not require printer setup. See Submitting Jobs Print - Poster Printing.

  1. Go to All Programs - > Accessories -> Run
  2. Type \\AAA-OUTPUT.UOREGON.EDU (the backslash key just above the Enter/Return key, followed by AAA-OUTPUT.UOREGON.EDU no spaces.)
  3. Click OK.
  4. If asked for a username/password, use your Duck ID username and password (the same as your uoregon email username and password). Type ad\ in front of your Duck ID in the user name box. Then click OK.
  5. You should see a new window with all of the printers listed. Double-click on the printer you wish to install.
  6. You may see a message telling you that the printer has to be set up on your computer. Click Yes.
    Vista will show you a message that you need to install the printer driver on your computer, and warns you not to install if you do not recognize or trust the name or location of the the printer. This is Vista's way of protecting you from a malicious application that might be installed without your permission. To finish adding the printer click on the Install Driver button.
  7. The printer’s status window will appear. At this point, the printer is set up. Close the status window.
  8. Keep double-clicking on printers until you have set up as many as you need.

Important: A&AA Computing Services does not support Windows 95, 98, ME, or XP Home. If you are unable to connect to the print server with one of these operating systems, you will have to upgrade your operating system to print.