University of Oregon

School of Architecture and Allied Arts

Color Laser Printing - A&AA Output Room

Submitting Jobs to the A&AA Output Room Color Laser Printer

The A&AA Output Room color printer is named Henry, and is a Xerox Phaser 7800GX. Before you can print, the computer you are using must be connected to the campus network and the printer must be added to the computer you are printing from. All A&AA lab computers will already have the printer added. [see - Setting Up Printers]

Follow these steps for to use A&AA printers

  1. Double check your printer and paper size selection (Page Setup).
  2. Select print in the program you are sending a print job from (File>Print). In the print dialog choose Henry from the printer list. Be sure to specify any laser printing features such as duplexing, manual paper feed (for custom media), or cardstock.
  3. Note the name of the file you are printing.
  4. Acquire funds to cover the fees for your print job. All A&AA Output Room services require proof of payment before services can be rendered.
  5. Go to the A&AA Output Room window and ask the Output Room Operator to release your print job.