University of Oregon

School of Architecture and Allied Arts

Portland Library and Labs


The UO in Portland Library and Learning Commons has a broad collection of architecture, art, and design books and gives full access to books in the Eugene UO libraries and thirty-five other research libraries. The program subscribes to leading design journals in print and online, and hundreds of research databases. Library staff members assist with research methods, computer problems, and local resources.

UO in Portland Library

Digital Resources

Library staff members manage an Output Room that performs large-scale color printing and scanning, binding, and vinyl-cutting services. Students can borrow equipment from the Output Room, including video and digital cameras, tripods, and hand-held audio recording equipment. Staff members can advise on digital-image handling and multimedia questions.

The school provides reliable high-speed wireless access to the UO network throughout the facility. Students are given generous server space for email, websites, and online backup. A single DuckID allows access to a wide range of online services including registration, courseware, grades, accounts payable, and course evaluations.

Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory (ESBL)

The Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory (ESBL) assesses methods for green building performance with an array of specialized equipment. For optimizing the use of natural light, the lab features an artificial sky that simulates diffuse cloud cover and a heliodon to track direct sunlight movement in physical models as well as portable digital sensors. The Lab staff develops custom software solutions to use along with commercial simulation tools. The group is building an insulated chamber with controlled temperature and humidity to study human perception of thermal comfort. Lab personnel advise architects, students, and faculty on using this equipment to optimize architectural designs.

Energy Studies in Buildings Laboratory (ESBL)

Fab Lab Portland

In the Fab Lab and Woodshop, students and faculty members from all disciplines come together to create experimental prototypes. The shop personnel guide students in woodworking, model-building, and safety procedures. In the woodshop, students can combine high-tech digital modeling in the Fabrication Lab with traditional craft processes. Work produced with laser cutters, a 3-D printer, and a computer numeric controlled mill (CNC) and router can be finished with a variety of hand and power woodworking tools. Students can learn how to use the fabrication equipment by enrolling in workshops offered throughout the year.

Fab Lab Portland

White Stag Innovation Lab

The White Stag Innovation Lab (WSIL) is a sports product design space for teaching, prototyping, and materials research. The lab includes specialty sports product production equipment, including single stitch, cover stitch, active seam flat stitch, post stitch, and serger sewing machines, a strobel, a 3-D printer and a heat press. WSIL is located adjacent to the University of Oregon in Portland facility.

White Stag Innovation Lab (WSIL)