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Product Design Program

Furniture Design 439Product designers are the people who create the tools, transportation, computers, clothes, sofas, and sports equipment to fit the needs of people. These designers make products more energy–efficient, more ergonomically appropriate, more cost–effective, and more socially responsible.

The Product Design Program provides a thorough grounding in the use, invention, and production of consumer products. It integrates the theories and applied practices of the art, architecture, and the design disciplines.

The bachelor of fine arts program in Portland is a fifth year of concentrated study for students wanting to continue past the BA/BS level or transfer students wanting to expand on their design–related degree. The BFA program provides advanced undergraduate students with a full-time, one-year academic program.

Product Design reviewStudents learn to develop products from a personal, local, and global perspective by addressing the needs of individuals, communities, and industry. They gain in–depth knowledge about materials, idea generation, prototyping, and manufacturing. Faculty members focus equally on high– and low–tech working methods, stressing hand skills alongside 3–D rendering and printing. Our students come away from the program with the confidence and skills to work for a large company or to start their own business.

To apply, visit the Product Design admission page.
Applications to the BFA program are due January 15.

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