University of Oregon

College of Design

Tuition Guarantee

The College of Design (formerly the School of Architecture and Allied Arts) has initiated a new tuition guarantee to help graduate students plan for the financial expenses of their master's or doctoral programs. The new tuition guarantee will establish a rate for incoming graduate students in studio-based programs. Each student will be guaranteed that this rate will not increase during the time they are enrolled in his or her degree program, provided that they graduate on time. This guaranteed tuition rate shields students from unpredictable tuition increases and allows them to better plan for their financial needs during their time in school.

How will this affect current students?

Current students will benefit from this tuition guarantee as their tuition will remain at the same rate as in 2015-16 for the duration of their time in their degree program, provided that they graduate on time. While their bill for tuition will reflect the increased tuition rate, they will receive a tuition remission each year that will cover any increase thus keeping their rate at the 2015-16 tuition rate.

Why is the school doing this?

The College of Design needs the flexibility to adjust tuition such that we can continue to deliver high-quality professional graduate education in line with our peer institutions and in line with the expectations of our students and prospective employers.  The tuition guarantee provides the school with the ability to competitively adjust tuition rates without burdening students who are already committed to our programs with unplanned educational expenses. 

How will this new tuition guarantee be implemented?

The new tuition guarantee will be applied to both resident and nonresident students starting in 2016-17 enrolled in College of Design studio programs. The tuition guarantee applies to all students enrolled in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and art. Current students will have their tuition set at the 2015-16 rate and will not have additional increases as long as they are maintaining on-time graduation progress towards the degree. Find out more about the College of Design Studio tuition rates at the Office of the Registrar’s website. Use the tabs and pull down menu for College of Design Studio rate to view costs for tuition and fees by credit hours.

How does a GTF award or tuition remission affect the costs for graduate education?

Students will continue to be eligible for GTF awards, wages, or tuition remission for employment and research in the department. Their billing statements will show the actual cost of tuition, however, they will receive an offset on their student account for the tuition remission or other awards.