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Scholarships and Awards

A&AA Student Scholarships and Awards


The School of Architecture and Allied Arts is pleased to offer its students who are enrolled majors the opportunity to apply for financial assistance scholarships. Please read the following information carefully.

A&AA scholarships are made available to students by applications. All scholarship funds have been made possible by the generous donations from alumni and supporters throughout the school’s 100+ year history, and, as such, carry varying eligibility criteria and amounts. Generally, scholarship awards in A&AA range between $1,000 - $3,000 per student selected, with certain exceptions. The majority of scholarships are awarded through applications that are provided by each discipline; students must be enrolled majors in the discipline(s) in which they wish to be considered for scholarships.


Applications will be announced here as they become available. Students are encouraged to contact the administrative office of their major with any questions and to be sure they are on the email list serve and other forms of communication to receive announcements.

Scholarship Recipients

If you are a student who has been selected to receive an A&AA scholarship, congratulations! Did your major notify you that you were selected to receive a scholarship? If so, take the next steps!

UO Scholarships

Students can find additional information about funding opportunities at the UO Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship (OFAS). A number of scholarships are available for International students who are enrolled at the UO, and an online scholarship workshop provides more detail about potential funding opportunities.  

Additional Funding Resources

OFAS lists other funding options on its website.

Need Help?

OFAS at 260 Oregon Hall and the PODS office at 277 Lawrence Hall are here to help!