University of Oregon

College of Design

Past Lectures

2002 INAUGURAL SERIES-125th Anniversary events

Eugene and Portland lectures

February 11-12, 2002
Kenneth Trapp, Decorative Arts
“The Handcrafted Object: Anachronism, Nostalgia, or Authentic Experience”
Curator, Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Institution
Washington D.C.

March 4-5, 2002
Jo Noero, Architecture
University of Cape Town, South Africa
“Architecture in Transition—Recent Work”

April 22-23, 2002 (rescheduled from January 2002)
Laurie Olin, Landscape Architecture
Olin Partnership, Philadelphia, PA
“Rus in Urbs Today: A Decade of Urban Landscape Design for American Cities”


Eugene and Portland lectures

January 26-27, 2004
Brad Cloepfil, Architecture
Allied Works, Portland
“New Museums: Anticipation and Dissonance”

May 19-20, 2005
Matilda McQuaid, Decorative Arts and Museums
Exhibitions Curator, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
“Extreme Design: Textiles Today”

November 8-9, 2006
Peter Walker, Landscape Architecture
Peter Walker and Partners, Berkeley, CA
"Peter Walker: Before the Memorial"

November 7–8, 2007
Dan Rockhill, Architecture
Professor, University of Kansas
Architect, Dan Rockhill and Associates
"Design and Construction: Hand and Mind"